Why Use Fibreglass

The unique properties of Fibreglass make it suitable for a wide range of applications, and provides advantages over many other types of construction.
Fibreglass is also surprisingly easy to work with so you dont need to be a pro to get great results. Read More

Chopped Strand Fibreglass

Chopped strand fibreglass is a foundational material in the composites industry, offering a balance between cost, ease of use, and performance. Its wide range of applications from industrial to consumer products showcases its versatility and effectiveness as a reinforcement material. Read More

Fibreglass Smart

When working with fibreglass and chemicals like resin and hardener, it's important to prioritize safety to protect yourself from potential hazards. Wearing a respirator, and following good safety measures you can minimise health any risks
Read More

What Fibreglass Tools?

Having the right tools on hand will make your fibreglass project more efficient, safer, and likely result in a higher quality finish. Always review the specific requirements of your project and plan your tool kit accordingly.
Read More

Selecting the Right Resin

Selecting the right resin depends on the project requirements, including mechanical strength, chemical resistance and environmental exposure.
There are several types of resins, each with specific properties and applications.
For an overview. Read More

Create a Fibreglass Mold

Creating a mold for a fiberglass car body is a challenging task that requires patience, and attention to detail. However, with careful planning and execution, it’s possible to create a high-quality mold that can produce multiple car bodies or parts.
Read More

Internal & External Repairs

Repairing a hole in a fibreglass boat from both the inside and outside ensures the structural integrity and it’s water-tightness. This dual approach reinforces the repair, making it more durable. This is also wise when fixing large car body sections. Read More

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Fiberglass A/Asia Sales Pty Ltd

The home of quality fibreglass fabrication and repair materials since 1951 offers an extensive range of Fibreglass cloth, Fibreglass resin, Release agents, Fibreglass accessories and equipment. We also provide expert fibreglassing advice for free, and skilled workmanship at affordable prices.  Read More

Everything You Need

We carry an extensive range of Fibreglass Cloth, Fibreglass Resin, Fibreglass Chopped Strand Matting, Carbon Fibre cloth and Release agents.
We can also provide you with all the necessary Fibreglass equipment and accessories needed for just about any Fibreglass project possible. 
Details Here

Expert Advice

In addition to supplying resins composites. Fibreglass cloth & Fibreglass Matting we also provide technical support services.
Our team have extensive knowledge in all aspects of fibreglassing.  So if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call the experienced team at Fiberglass (A/Asia).  Read More

Fast delivery

Excluding dangerous goods, We offer rapid delivery of Fibreglass cloth, Fiberglass resin, Release agents & an excellent range of Fibreglass accessories & equipment.

Orders in before 2pm are usually being dispatched the same day.  Country areas may take an extra day or two.

fabrication service

Fibreglass design and fabrication is so flexible that anything is possible.  If you are undertaking a one-off design, or large-scale production, talk to us first.
We also supply many commercial fabricators so you want a job done for you, we can direct you to the right provider for your particular job. 

Fibreglass Cloth, Fibreglass Resin & Release Agents Are Just The Start

I am sure you have heard someone say “Measure twice, cut once” and “Better to do it right the first time rather than do it over”.  These truths are doubly applicable when it comes to fibreglassing.  At Fiberglass (A/Asia) Sales we have seen the good bad and ugly of fibreglassing and we are passionate about helping you to avoid the bad and ugly and turning the good into great.

If you are new to Fibreglassing there are many resources available on the internet that can give you a good grounding on what is needed and help you ask better questions. However we are here to provide you much more than just the Fibreglass cloths and resins, we are here to help you to achieve your desired results. The right materials, the right advice and referrals to trusted physical help with fabrication where needed.


 Read what some of our clients have had to say.

From Disaster to Success

Thinking it would be fairly simple to repair a nasty tear in the side of my old fiberglass boat I bought some fiberglass from a big hardware store and got to work.

Between hollow spots, bumps and peeling at some of the joins it was a disaster.

A friend suggested I take my boat down to Fiberglass A/Asia and ask for help.  The interest and advice I got was fantastic, they looked at the boat inside and out discussed method of preparation and repair.

Thanks guys it was (finally) a great success and inspired me to clean up a few more scruffy spots.


It doesn't Get Better Than That

Hi Michael,

Just a quick note of thanks.

Rachel really wanted that water feature in the garden but could not find something that matched her idea.  Thanks to your help and instructions I managed to make it for her.

Shes’ happy and I’m a hero, it doesn’t get better than that.



     We help you create successful projects.

Since opening in 1951 our range of products has grown massively. So has our knowledge. There is not much we haven't seen before so call us first. We can save you making costly mistakes.

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