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Why Use Fibreglass?

The unique properties of Fibreglass make it suitable for a wide range of applications, and provides advantages over many other types of construction. These advantages include: Design Freedom Fibreglass construction allows for a tremendous amount of design flexibility. The practical uses of...

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Safety When Fibreglassing

Most fibreglass materials are perfectly safe to use, providing the potential hazards are recognised and reasonable precautions adopted. Normally you will have no problems if you follow these simple rules: 1. Do not let any materials come into contact with the skin, eyes or mouth. 2. Do not inhale...

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Fibreglass Mould Making

The information provided is a general guideline. The information does not guarantee success. Any information used will be done at the user’s risk. Fibreglass Warehouse can in no form be held responsible for outcome of using this information. Plug preparation To make a mould, a plug is needed. A...

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Fibreglassing Overview

Fibreglass as we know it was invented by Russell Games Slaytor of Owens-Corning. It is made by extruding silica or other glass compounds into small diameter fibres. At 1700+ deg F., the silica softens and is able to be moved. It is cooled rapidly, not allowing the glass to form an ordered...

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