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The home of quality fibreglass fabrication and repair materials.  We offer rapid delivery of Fibreglass cloth, Fibreglass resins, release agents, and an excellent range of Fibreglass accessories and equipment.

We also provide expert fibreglassing advice for free and skilled workmanship at affordable prices.

Fiberglass A/Asia has been supplying a complete range of fibreglass products and services to NSW since 1951

Since its beginning in 1951 in a small factory in Chatswood, fibreglass A/Asia proprietary limited has grown considerably in the range of materials we provide and the size and number of outlets created to service you, our clients.

Not only have we grown considerably in size and the number of products and services we provide, but most importantly, we have grown in the knowledge and assistance we can pass on to our customers.

At Fiberglass A/Asia, we pride ourselves in providing practical advice and expertise to our clients, and we are the only major supplier of raw materials able to test, evaluate and improve these materials in our manufacturing facilities before recommending them to clients.

We say “call us first” for a good reason: Because we deal with so many diversified businesses working with fibreglass, there is not much we have not experienced before or seen accomplished. So we can’t help you, but we can tell you who can.

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Since opening in 1951 our range of products has grown massively. So has our knowledge. There is not much we haven't seen before so call us first. We can save you making costly mistakes.

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